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David Foskett Associates are independent consultants offering consultancy training and advice for companies, hoteliers, contract caterers, restaurateurs and individuals in the Hospitality Industry.

The Associates also offer Hospitality Education training and advice to both Further and Higher education sectors across the globe.

The Associates are highly qualified practitioners and individuals with a wealth of experience in education, training and the industry.

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  • “What other industry has the privilege of every day working towards making someone’s day a great day?”

    — Suzanne Weekes

  • “I am not a servant, I choose to serve and do this to the very best of my ability.”

    — Sean Davoren, Butler Manager at Savoy London

  • “The Law of the mind is the Law of being. And The Law of Hospitality is communication, friendship, wellbeing and service .”

    — David Foskett

  • “Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.”

    — Josh Billings


The fruits of high standards of training, guidance, advice and qualifications are well known to be of significant benefit to any hospitality provider. Employees represent your company; if they do this well you will reap the fruits of a successful business and an effective, happy workforce. Well trained colleagues all moving in the same direction are essential in these tough and competitive times for hospitality businesses.

Sea food

Seafood varies from the basic, everyday necessities to the rare and exotic. The bespoke services and training offered by David Foskett Associates can offer you advice for consultancy and to allow you to consider and choose the type, length and levels of training required for your employees. Good advice and training can move your provision from the ‘everyday’ to the ‘rare and exotic’.


Vegetables are often considered the healthy choice. An efficient business employing well trained confident staff with enthusiasm for what they do will be key to keeping your business fit and healthy. Well trained and qualified employees are always the main menu choice not just an accompaniment.


The meat of your business is what you provide and the people working within it. Having frequent contact with your customers employees will convey to your customers what the business is all about and what you have to offer. They need a sound understanding of the business aims and how best to promote it. Appropriate qualifications and training will help to ensure that your business is presented to customers in the way you would like it to be.


The full menu of what David Foskett Associates can offer to hospitality businesses is wide and varied. The Associates’ menu can offer: advice, support, training and qualifications led by our experienced and well qualified team; all will be completed to the highest standards. OR consider an ‘a la carte menu. Discuss your requirements with us and we can suggest suitable consultancy and training with you.

Bespoke Consultancy

  • Hospitality Training and Education

    Good training and education systems are an investment to any business. They help deliver the customer expectation and experience, improve retention and give the organisation the market edge.

  • Food Production and Food and Beverage Management

    Good production systems and kitchen management make a business profitable. It is vital that Chefs and Managers clearly understand the need for control and monitoring to achieve targets and desired results.

  • Restaurant Design

    How to create designs that will improve profitability, increase demand and create a memorable experience for customers while at the same time fulfil all the legislative requirements and provide good working conditions for staff.

  • People Matching and Advice on Recruitment

    Operating and recruiting in a multi-cultural society. Understanding equality and diversity in selecting and recruiting staff. Build a workforce that can deliver positive results.

  • Staff Retention

    How to retain and develop staff. Managing a culturally diverse workforce. How to create a workplace environment that engages employees and delivers the objectives of the business and gives the competitive edge.

  • Management & Leadership

    Training to become and effective leader and manager. The difference in leadership and management. Advice, consultancy and training to develop the practical skills needed to be a Leader and Manager in a competitive, business environment.

  • Workplace Counselling & Resolution

    Specialist counselling and guidance for troubled employees.
    Learn the techniques of how to resolve conflict and disputes in the workplace.

  • Event Management

    Effective event management requires careful planning and attention to detail. The confidence and skills to take on the challenge of running successful events. Learn from highly experienced industry professionals.

  • Customer Service

    Excellent customer service is one of the most effective ways to make and keep a hospitality business successful. The very best service, exceeding expectations is what people will remember about you and also what they may write on reviews. Do you and your staff make the grade?

  • Butler skills

    The demand for butler skills and for well-trained butlers has increased significantly in the UK and internationally. The presence of butlers can raise the profile of an establishment or event to one of excellence, providing a range of services at the very highest level.

  • Etiquette training

    Perfect etiquette is essential to the delivery of high quality hospitality service. It means that everyone is treated with respect and consideration using correct, polite, communication and speech. Care with good manners may be lacking in modern society but will always be essential in the provision of hospitality.

and bespoke short courses including:

  • Licensing Training

    We are a Personal Licence Training BIIAB Approved Trainer

  • Assertiveness

    Learning to be confident at work. Happy to express your views and respect the views of others . Assertive people strive to make decisions based upon a win win situation which allows the business to go forward.

  • Housekeeping services

    Good Housekeeping is an art. Running a diverse department that is utilised by every other department in an hotel is a challenging and exciting field. Good management requires flexible thinking, a desire to achieve the impossible with often minimal resources and being forward thinking. Innovation is key to housekeeping success without compromising on traditional standards of customer care and staff wellbeing.

  • Train The Trainer programmes

    Not everyone is a natural trainer, does your team need some help in understanding how people learn and how to get the best from your teams? Being an informed trainer requires more than just knowing how to do the job, and sometimes we all need to brush up our skills. Bespoke courses can be designed and delivered to fit your company style and ethos.

Our People

A group of independent consultants with extensive experience in the national and International hospitality industry. Our knowledge and expertise are endorsed by a range of companies large and small.

David Foskett

Internationally renowned hospitality educator. Chair of the international Hospitality Council. Author of several highly acclaimed test books.

Patricia Paskins

Patricia is an experienced hospitality/butler trainer also offering bespoke training in etiquette and customer care.

Sean Davoran

Sean possesses a wealth of fine service experience and has become the iconic London Butler. He has been featured in many newspaper and magazines.

Zenobia Nadirshaw

Dr Nadirshaw is a world renowned clinical phycologist with 40 years’ experience in the health service. Specialising in Stress management, leadership and management, equality and diversity in the workplace.

Suzanne Weekes

An experienced Food & Beverage trainer. Suzanne can help with service skills, departmental management, Licensing law and Train the Trainer as well as many other activities.

Medina Williamson

Medina has extensive experience in the events and hospitality industry working for the leading luxury hotels of the world. Able to deliver beyond guest expectations to the most discerning client.

Ian Sutton

Ian is a classically trained professional chef who has extensive experience in hotels, restaurants, commercial food development, private households and the vocational educational and skills landscape.

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  • Professor David Foskett MBE CMA FIH Bed (Hons)
  • +44 7541 838933